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Name:SSA Jennifer Jareau
Birthdate:Jul 22
Location:Quantico, Virginia, United States of America
Special Agent Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
Criminal Minds

Canon point: Between episodes 18 and 24 of season 6

“You do what it takes to protect your family.” That’s JJ’s answer after Penelope mourns the fact that her friend had to kill a man. JJ, though visibly shaken, said she didn’t even blink. Battle had shot, and almost killed, Penelope and two more family members, Hotch and Rossi, were in danger. Family is the most important thing to JJ. Perhaps it’s because she lost her sister at a young age, or perhaps it always would have been true, but JJ’s main focus is on taking care of her family.

Garcia and Reid she seems to view as younger siblings. As Reid points out she’s the only one who calls him Spence, an affectionate nick name. She’s the one, too, that arranges for there to be cake for Reid’s birthday, and an embarrassing hat, because he never had birthday parties as a kid. She hugs him when he needs reassurance, and when he’s kidnapped she’s guilty, scared, and visibly shaken. She respects and even teases him about his intelligence, but unlike many who seem to see only that she sees the whole person. She teases Garcia about her conspiracies, worries about her, and makes her Henry’s godparent, along with Reid. They go shopping together, go to bars, confide in each other. Though she takes care of all of her team, Garcia and Reid are the ones she is the most protective of.

Family is the team, and it’s Will and Henry, but it’s more then that. When asked by the mother of a missing teen, before she had Henry, if she was a mother JJ said no, but that they (the team) look at all the children they search of as their own. Every one they save is part of her family. She agonizes over the case files, and it’s the ones she doesn’t chose that haunt her more then anything else in her life, with the possible exception of her sister’s death. It’s especially cases that involve young women, missing or dead, that she finds hardest to deal with.

Losing a member of her family, be it her team, her son, or her father, and making the wrong choice about which cases to focus on are JJ’s greatest fears. She also has a phobia about the woods, with seeming no logical reason behind it despite the tall tale she once told Morgan. For the most part, however, JJ is a positive person. She is composed, able to handle press conferences and reporters without a problem. When a serial killer tries to come onto her during an interview she is able to coolly tell him that he isn’t her friend, and he can call her Jennifer, not JJ. She is warm, offering hug to team members and victims, holding hands with grieving parents, drinking imaginary tea with half-orphaned little girls.

JJ is the heart of the BAU team, the ‘glue that holds them together’ according to Garcia. On a practical level she is the one that decides where the team goes most of the time, arranges for the plane to be ready, for hotels, liaisons with the local law enforcement. On a less visible but equally important way she finds ways to build up her team when the cases make them question themselves. When Prentis worries about an orphaned girl JJ says that she found the aunt, and she seems very nice, though someday she believes Emily will be a good mother. When Rossi wonders if his books do more harm then good after a girl who attended one of his readings is killed JJ tells him about attending one of his readings and how the experience brought her to the FBI. When the whole team has a bad case while she’s on maternity leave she shows up at the office when they’re expected to return, hoping that seeing her sweet innocent son will remind them of the good side of things.

Hotch remarks once that JJ would make a good profiler. She reads people, understands them. When a police officer seems reluctant to show Hotch files she plays the helpless ‘help me impress my boss’ card, winking over her shoulder as she’s lead to the files. When a young girl has trouble talking about being kidnapped and forced to kill a friend she finds a common bond, soccer and living in a small town, and gets her to open up. She works seamlessly with the team, knowing what they’re looking for, helping to limit suspect pools and find clues. Hotch suggests she take the classes, mostly a formality since she’s already an equal member of the team. She shakes her head. She likes her role, and doesn’t want to change it. She doesn’t want to change jobs, either. Money is not important. Making a difference and being with her family is what she needs.

Physical Description: JJ stands at just over five and a half feet. She’s thin but not unhealthily so; though she does watch what she eats and forgets to eat sometimes while working it’s mainly exercise that keeps her muscles honed and extra weight off. She doesn’t play much soccer like she used to but she runs a lot. JJ’s hair is long, straight and blond. She doesn’t tend to do anything with it most of the time. Her clothing tends towards slacks and blouses or long sleeved shirts. One thing she always wears is a silver ring with a topaz, her son’s birthstone. She also often wears a simple necklace with a heart hanging off a chain. It belonged to her sister.

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Have you ever thought about taking the classes, becoming a profiler?

No. I admire what you guys do, but I like my role. I like being the person the family can turn to. Being the voice of the poor, the over-worked homicide detective can call when he runs out of leads.

-- Hotch and JJ

[OOC: Neither the character of JJ Jareau nor the universe of Criminal Minds belongs to me. I am not profitting from this journal in any way. Both Muse and mun are over 21]
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